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Welcome to the Toon Zone Top Ten! A website that gathers the opinions of Toon Zone members and animation experts on their favorite cartoons of all time. The magazine Wizard ranked the top 100 cartoons of all time in 2001. On August 3rd, the popular publication TV Guide revealed the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time. You can read the picks by Wizard, TV Guide, and other organizations on this page. Keeping the tradition going, Toon Zone members voted for their favorite animated series and shorts. This is the site in which the fans pick the best cartoons, and their vote counts!
How We Did It
     We began our survey by first posting threads in the forums, AniGen and Termite Terrace Trading Post, asking its members to list and discuss some of their favorite cartoon shorts and series. Afterward, members were invited to email the webmasters a ballot listing, in order, their five favorite cartoon shorts, and their five favorite cartoon series for inclusion in Toon Zone's "Top Ten Toons" survey.

Each short/series that scored a first place finished on a ballot was accorded 5 votes; a second place finish was 4 votes; a third place finish was 3 votes; a fourth place finish was 2 votes; a fifth place finish was 1 vote. Ballots that listed more than 5 shorts/series had only the top 5 listings counted. Ballots that had fewer than five choices listed, or on which one short/series appeared more than once, were discarded. The shorts/series were then ranked by their cumulative vote totals; the top ten finishers in each category were then ranked as the Top Ten in that category.

No criteria was enunciated or employed to determine whether an entry was properly a "short" or a "series," but was placed in whichever category the voter who submitted it placed it in. Thanks go to the readers and cartoonists who picked their favorite cartoons so the "Top Tens" could be made. 

Toon Zone's Top Ten was conducted and produced by Jay "Maxie Zeus" Allman, Joe Tully, Jimmy "Duncanzits" Kustes, Vincent Benenati, WBArchivist, Eileen "Harley" Delgadillo, and Jon Cooke. This website was created by Jimmy Kustes and Jonathan Kavalos.

The Legal Deal
All of the cartoons mentioned on this site are copyrighted and protected characters. Toon Zone, Warner Bros. Animation Archive, and Toon Zone Top Ten hold no legal right over these characters. All characters and likenesses will be removed upon the request of the legal copyright owners. All opinions expressed by this site, are strictly opinions, not fact. 

Also, thanks go to these sites for use of thier photos on our Top Ten.