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Celeb Picks
Over the years Toon Zone has been able to rub elbows with the people behind the scenes. Here are some of the top ten lists of influential people from the animation industry.
Jerry Beck
Author of numberous books, and other successful cartoon shows, this cartoon scholor selects his top ten favorite animated series and shorts.


Min S. Ku
This talented artist has worked on the Justice League Adventures comic book, and also on the fan favorite series, Batman Beyond. Check out his top ten toons.


Micah Wright
Micah Wright "wrights" for such cartoons as Angry Beavers, Invader Zim, and even the new Kids WB cartoon: Ozzie and Drix.


John Delaney
Comic guru John Delaney does it all. He has even made a list of his favorite cartoons just for you. Get ready as we pick his brain for the meaning to life i.e. cartoons.


Chris Cook
Christopher Cook works for DC Comics and Cartoon Network as one of the artists of the Powerpuff Girls universe.