Picture Credits

Thanks go to webmasters of gir.n3.net for sending tons of Zim and Gir promo pics to Toon Zone.

Cowboy Bebop pic from Asteroid Blues.com

Futurama pic from Can't Get Enough Futurama

Wallace and Gromit pics from Official Home of Wallace and Gromit and http://www.choc.demon.co.uk/images/twt05.jpg

Gargoyles pic from LJC's Gargoyles Primer

Simpsons pic from

Ren & Stimpy pics from
http://www.toptown.com/dorms/xyno/art/welcome.gif and http://members.tripod.com/~x44x/videogame2.html

Wild Hare pic from American Royal Arts

Porky in Wackyland, Pink Phink, Der Fuehrer's Face, Duck Amuck, Coal Black, Powerpuff Girls, Batman: the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Top Cat, and most Looney Tunes pictures provided by Joe Tully, Jon Cooke, World's Finest, and Toon Zone

The pictures in the banner at the top are drawn by John Delaney and colored by Phillip Ratter and Harley.

Jerry Beck pictures from Cartoon Research and Animation Blast

TV Guide cover pictures from Cartoon Research

If any website was left out just e-mail Jimmy Kustes (Duncanzits) and they will get credit. My e-mail can be found at my profile on the Toon Zone main site.

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