Number 1 The Simpsons

Excellent show! Who knew that Matt Groening's 2 minute shorts would soon turn out to be one of the best (and longest-running) animated series? The last few episodes weren't that great though. But, still The Simpsons is THE BEST!

-Pietro Shakarian

When the magazine Wizard ranked the top 100 cartoons of all time back in 2001, it inspired Toon Zone members to think about their favorite animated series. So in January of 2002, Toon Zone hosted nominations and polled members for the Top Ten Greatest Animated Series of All Time on the Anigen Board. Future installments will be held on the Warner Brothers Club Board. Here are the results of 2002, described by Toon Zone members.

Number 3 Gargoyles

A show in the vein of Batman: The Animated Series (dark and brooding) that combined elements of legends from all over the world most notably from Shakespeare and Native American history. In summary: the story of a surviving clan of Gargoyles, betrayed by the humans they protected, cast into an enchanted sleep only to awake in the mid 1990's, and now trying to survive in a new world not sure who to trust. The best (and only serious) animated series Disney has produced to date.

-Mr. Obsession

Number 4 Invader Zim

Perhaps the greatest thing that ever happened to TV! least Nick. Hehe. Invader Zim and his adventures with Gir, against Dib, and also with Gaz. It's the happiest 30 minutes of my Friday night.


Number 10 Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies

Stood the test of time. Making them some of the best cartoons around.


Number 9 Futurama

Matt Groening and company have brought us a fine bit of futuristic nonsense with this show. Why does Fox hate it so?


Number 8 Batman Beyond

An excellent, and logical continuation of the Batman legacy. Terry McGinnus is truly worthy of wearing the cowl.


Number 7 Powerpuff Girls

It's funny, cute and has plenty of action! Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles have a combination that unbelievable to fight crime with. Not to mention the crazy villains such as Mojojojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins and Him!

-Chibi Kageboshi

Number 2 Batman The Animated Series

Excellent animation, superb voice work... and basically the Dark Knight kickin' butt make this the best cartoon ever!

-zero zero nine

Number 6 Ren & Stimpy

Is there really a top ten? Man, I think I can name a ton of toons I've watched as a kid and loved, so I think its kinda difficult to choose which is tops, they all helped provide me with knowledge about life. Ren & Stimpy are tops in my book, cause I think the humor was just so wacked, man I love it.


Number 5 Cowboy Bebop

Unlike most shows, it maintains a very high degree of quality across the board. The music and animation never fail to impress and are always top notch. There's never a moment when one could say that "it could have been better here or there". The character designs are fantastic and the voice acting, especially the English dub are the best in the business. And, of course, the storytelling is both fresh and mature, but accessible to just about anyone.



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