Number 1 Porky in Wackyland (WB)

100% classic. One of the best! Clampett's best work

-Foley Is Good

Awarding best animation in a short subject is nothing new; Cartoon Network has even aired some great cartoon shorts with the 50 Greatest Cartoons of All Time. So we decided to have our turn by hosting nominations and polling members for the Top Ten Greatest Animated Shorts of All Time on the The Termite Terrace Trading Post. Here are the results of 2002, described by Toon Zone members.

Number 2 Der Fuehrer's Face (Disney) Spoiler Alert!

One of the greatest WW2 cartoons ever made in the history of the animated cartoon. The cleaver storyline is nothing but a dream for Donald. When you watch this cartoon, it makes you think that Donald is really working for the nazis.


Number 3 Duck Amuck (WB)

A lot of great sight gags, as well as sharp dialogue. Just incredible.

-Randy H

Number 4 The Wrong Trousers (Aardman)

The most well-known of (Wallace and Gromit's) adventures. The claymation is spectacular, especially during the train scene with the penguin. So good all the Film Study classes at my school are watching it!


Number 5 Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs (WB)

The most manic, insane, and off-the-wall Looney Tune you'll never see.

-Matt Wilson

Number 6 Barber of Seville (Lantz)

Woody Woodpecker, a very funny premise, great dialogue, wonderful Emery Hawkins animation, what else could a cartoon fan ask for?

-Thad K

Number 7 Duck! Rabbit! Duck (WB)

My personal favorite of the Hunting Trilogy (by a narrow margin) because of the many sign gags and the novel idea of moving the time frame of winter.


Number 8 Stimpy's Invention (Spumco)

This cartoon didn't have a description. Side note: this picture is from a Sega Genesis game cover.

Number 10 Pink Phink (DePatie-Freleng) (tie)

The very first Pink Panther cartoon. Very artsy and funny!


Side note: Catch Dexter's Lab tribute to this short called "Silent Cartoon"

Number 9 A Wild Hare (WB) (tie)

Early Bugs Bunny, probably the best formative Bugs Bunny


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